Resilience Profile

Thank you for your interest in receiving your resilience score and personal resilience profile. Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. Being resilient is important. Highly resilient people cope well with stress, have better physical and mental health, and are more productive in their endeavors. They are also happier, optimistic, and more prepared to deal with stress, uncertainty, change, and hardship. As a result, a resilient individual can enjoy a better quality of life. The good news is people can learn to be [more] resilient. By completing this brief 10-item scale you can learn about your resilience, and strategies you can use to maintain or improve your personal resilience.

Participation is confidential and anonymous. Once you have provided responses to the 10 items on the following page you will be able to DOWNLOAD a PDF version of your personal resilience profile or receive it via EMAIL. If you have trouble accessing the 10 questions, or getting your profile after completing the questions, you can email

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